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  • Acne Facial

    We provide a customized facial: Cleansing: Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, enzyme, extractions, Therapy: LED light therapy, Hi-Frequency Treatment: Followed by post-peel hydration, SPF, and Lip COMPLIMENTARY ELECTRICAL MODALITY (Included)

  • NEW CLIENT for Acne Program

    We provide a full consultation followed by a customized facial: Cleansing: Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, enzyme, extractions, Therapy: LED light therapy, Hi-Frequency Treatment: Followed by post-peel hydration, SPF, and Lip COMPLIMENTARY ELECTRICAL MODALITY (Included)

  • Yakov Gershkovich

    What to Expect: -SPECIALTY TRAINED BY WORLD RENOWN YAKOV GERSHKOVICH -Reduce Wrinkles -Reduce Double Chin -Reduce Sagging/jowling -Remove Swelling and puffy eyes -Reduce Muscle Spasms and TMj -Tighten and Tone Muscles (fitness for the face) -Opens all sinus passages -Blood Circulation and Oxygenation -Reduce Stress -Deep relaxation -Remove emotional blockages -Removes negative emotions trapped in muscles to allow you to be in a happier state of mind -Sculpt and chisel the jaw line - Helps jaw tension grin grinding of the teeth -Lymph drainage to remove toxins

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    One of the most common products I get asked about is SPF! By now we should all know that using SPF is a must. Our skin is the largest organ of our magical bodies and we must protect every inch. Whether it is Summer - Spring - Winter or Fall SPF should be apart of your every day routine. I know I know adulting is exhausting and this is just another thing to add to the to do list but trust me you will thank me later. Things I have heard as an esthetician ... “But I am at work all day” or “ My car has tinted windows so I'm not exposed to the sun” unfortunately in todays minimal ozone layered world we are still exposed to the sun in our car, through windows and the walks from here to there. Protecting your skin will not only slow down aging, prevent wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dullness but it will also prevent harmful rays that can potentially cause melanoma (the C word). So if you are like me you may get overwhelmed by all the ads and bombarded marketing tricks ( aka celebrities and influencers getting paid to promote products) for skincare and especially SPF. The following is a bit of info to hopefully make your next purchase go smoothly ( get it smoothly like smooth skin) ahem anywho you can click on the pictures or links to purchase any of the products that you may want to try! The difference between Sunscreen and Sunblock? Sunscreen uses a chemical that actually absorbs the UVA ( aging rays) and UVB ( burning rays). Sunblock on the other hand acts as a barrier protection for our skin. It literally blocks the rays and forms a layer over your skin superficially. Almost like a super hero/shero shield. What do the numbers mean after spf? The numbers indicate what the sun protection factor is. For example spf 30 is 30 times the protection of your skin without it .1/30 more protection. This significantly reduces your chances burning! Dermatologists recommend you reapply SPF every 2 hours as all SPFs no matter the number will go away and not protect you after 2 hours outdoors. I recommend using two separate products: one for your face that is non comedogenic and customized to your skin type and one for your body that adjusts to your activities. Here are some of my favorite items. Face: Face Reality Daily SPF 30: This product feels hydrating and is formulated for acne prone skin. It penetrates quickly and safe to use after all professional treatments with no adverse reactions. Face Reality Ultimate Spf 28: This is a Chemical Free Suncreen. The main ingredients are zinc and titanium oxide. It is slightly thicker and many clients love how it leaves their skin matte. It is formulated for acne- prone/ all skin types. Image Skincare Prevention Tinted SPF 30: This product is great for aging skin. It is hydrating and smells super pretty. It gives off enough coverage but not full coverage. Its perfect for those busy days you want to pick up and go. It uses mineral oxides for the tint so the color adjusts to every skin tone. When I say it smells amazing it really does! BODY PREVENTION+® DAILY HYDRATING MOISTURIZER SPF 30 3.2OZ: This products is great for the body. The ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer delivers broad-spectrum pure mineral protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The modernized formula with Digital Aging Defense™ helps to fight against the effects of blue light and environmental skin stressors. Created with organic zinc oxide, it spreads easily and evenly for a perfectly hydrated finish. Thoughtfully formulated without the sunscreen actives octinoxate and oxybenzone, and free of parabens and artificial fragrances. Touched with a hint of citrus essential oils for a naturally uplifting scent. Formulated with Digital Aging Defense, a form of dual protection against blue light and environmental skin stressors that cause dryness, discoloration and other signs of aging. A specialized pea protein helps to defend against the elements that age our skin, indoors and out. Mineral Body Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF 30: I love Coola products! I don't retail them yet but you can buy the product by clicking on the link or picture. I love that it is also made with mineral. This is a body sunscreen spray so easy to use and provides hydrating, chemical-active-free sun protection for all skin types. This water-resistant formula with non-nano zinc oxide sprays on sheerly for a light, matte finish.

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  • Services | estheticsbymonicasd

    New Clients Waiting List Client Portal Our Services Our Services Acne Program Virtual Consultation: Let's talk skin over tea! 1 hr 75 US dollars $75 Book Now Lightening Lift Treatment Change your Skin, Change your Life Clients Only 1 hr 150 US dollars $150 Book Now Rezenerate Change your Skin, Change your Life Clients Only 1 hr 120 US dollars $120 Book Now Yakov Gershkovich Structural Face Lift , Change your Life Clients Only 1 hr 230 US dollars $230 Book Now Signature Facial European Style Facial Targeting Skin Concerns 1 hr 95 US dollars $95 Book Now Contact Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Esthetician | estheticsbymonicasd

    click here for more.. Meet the Owner Monica Vidrio: Esthetician & Certified Acne Specialist LEARN MORE Pick your services TESTIMONIALS Clients say it Better! Angelo A. Face Reality skincare has not only transformed my skin but also cleared it long-term. I suffered from severe cystic acne, hyperpigmentation, and deep acne scars. I have tried many acne treatments including accutane without much success. Even after the 1st treatment, my cysts and pigmentation were drastically reduced. Subscribe to get exclusive updates Email Join Our Mailing List Thanks for subscribing! Esthetics By Monica 916-531-6872 1923 Morena Blvd San Diego, Ca. 92110 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Tuesday -Thursday- Saturday Appointment Only EstheticsByMonicaSan Diego. Proudly created by Her Bellomar Lifestyle

  • Acne Program | estheticsbymonicasd

    Acne Program Esthetics By Monica is Certified as an Acne Specialist with Face Reality Acne Clinic. Our Face Reality Acne Program treats acne within 3-6 months with a combination of in-office treatments and lifestyle changes. We will go over dietary acne triggers, vitamin supplements, and products for home use during our consultation. Our program takes patience and commitment but is a healthy option to cure acne without a prescription. Acne is no joke; it affects so much more than the physical. It can lead to severe low self-esteem and devastating disappointment. Esthetics By Monica believes this is a sustainable solution for life. With a background in Psychology, we understand the emotional and physical side effects of acne, BUT there is hope! Acne Consultation w/ Treatment 90 Minutes $150 We will go through an in-depth questionnaire and face-to-face consultation. This is when I decide what type of acne you have and how we can treat it. I will go over your customized treatment plan and a nutrition guide; I will go over products during this time. Products cost around $150 separate from the service to start but are an essential part of the program. Finally, you will be sent home with a packet explaining what to do at home and lifestyle changes. We will want to see you every two weeks for acne treatment. After your acne is under control, you will need to maintain your home care products to keep clear. Acne Treatment 60 MINUTES – $85 Acne treatments are done bi-weekly for 3 - 6 months. First, deep cleanse, antioxidant exfoliant, a customized chemical peel and enzyme mask that exfoliates the skin, and a deep extraction to remove any congestion or whiteheads that have formed. In addition, we use Hi- Frequency for any inflamed acne lesions and LED light to kill bacteria, followed by a post-peel moisturizer and sun protection. Add @estheticsbymonicasd on Instagram for before and after's Add Esthetics by Monica on Facebook for before and after's Please fill out the skincare questionnaire on the PDF before your visit and email it to . Skincare Questionare Acne Program Packet Shop Here for Products Booking for Clients Only

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