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Acne Program

Esthetics By Monica is Certified as an Acne Specialist with Face Reality Acne Clinic.  Our Face Reality Acne Program treats acne within 3-6 months with a combination of in-office treatments and lifestyle changes. We will go over dietary acne triggers, vitamin supplements, and products for home use during our consultation.


Our program takes patience and commitment but is a healthy option to cure acne without a prescription. Acne is no joke; it affects so much more than the physical. It can lead to severe low self-esteem and devastating disappointment.


Esthetics By Monica believes this is a sustainable solution for life. With a background in Psychology, we understand the emotional and physical side effects of acne, BUT there is hope!

Consultation w/ Treatment

90 Minutes $175

  • We will go through an in-depth questionnaire and face-to-face consultation. This is when I decide what type of acne you have and how we can treat it. I will go over your customized treatment plan and a nutrition guide; I will go over products during this time. Products cost is separate from the service to start but are an essential part of the program and last 3-4 months before refills are needed. Finally, you will be sent home with a packet explaining what to do at home and lifestyle changes.

  • We have 15 years of experience in clearing acne

  • Results Driven - We get to the root cause

  • We know You are Unique and treat you uniquely

  • We know you have tried everything

  • We know the emotional toll

  • We know its time to clear your skin for GOOD


Acne Treatment

60 MINUTES – $115

  • Acne treatments are done bi-weekly for 3 - 6 months. First, deep cleanse, antioxidant exfoliant, a customized chemical peel and enzyme mask that exfoliates the skin, and a deep extraction to remove any congestion or whiteheads that have formed. In addition, we use Hi- Frequency for any inflamed acne lesions and LED light to kill bacteria, followed by a post-peel moisturizer and sun protection.


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Please fill out the skincare questionnaire on the PDF before your visit and email it to

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