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Sculptural Face Lift

This treatment is like no other facial. It is flowy and rhythmic almost like a beautiful dance or art. There is no speaking, so the client enters a real relaxed state that can feel like another dimension. The healing and peaceful state of mind we get to create in this treatment is equally as important as the work we are doing to improve the tone of their face. This technique will help release the tension stored in our muscles and tone them exactly like a consistent fitness would.

It will be exactly like a workout for their facial muscles and the more they do it the tighter the muscles get and stays tight. Muscles have memory. Emotions, food, drink and lifestyle all have an effect on how well the muscle will remain toned. We are targeting certain meridians in the face and neck that link directly to our organs to help detox and remove swollen water retention in the face. Lymphatic System= Is a network of tissue, vessels and organs that work together to oxygen and blood flow for a healthier face. it will move fluid into the blood stream. It clears the toxins and helps to deliver nutrients to all of your cells. Removing toxins help to absorb fats from our digestive tract, protect us from getting sick with pathogens, and it removes waste products from the lymph. We can promote lymph drainage by avoiding toxins and chemicals harmful to the body, drink large amounts of water, exercise, eat healthy AND manual lymph drainage. We will be using tapping therapy and long slow movements to gently move the lymph in the proper direction of the lymphatic system. Our job with this treatment is to gently move along the fluid to effectively do its job


Sculptural Face Lifting is a natural technique and is performed without Invasive injections, simply by

working out & strengthening facial muscles.


the unique face lifting is also an energetic level releasing any trapped and unprocessed emotions stored in our face helping us to literally let go of tensionto help balance the energy flow in our face


Create tighter, toned and lifted Face , jowls and under eyes.

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