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My Personal History with Acne

I have a very personal relationship with acne and that is why I am so passionate about helping YOU heal! I KNOW how it feels. Acne can deeply affect our life and cause depression or anxiety.

At the age of 9 I developed acne! It's funny because at the time I was happy. Like a rite of passage that made me feel older and grown up. Unfortunately, the acne just got worse and worse. This took such a toll on my self-esteem and how I represented myself to the world. It coincided with a very vulnerable time in my life as well. During this time, I was getting pretty severely bullied.

Through much healing I learned to forgive and let go. I have a much deeper understanding of why people do things now: hurt people HURT people.

I mention the bullying not to play the role a victim or to shame this person but because at the time I truly hated myself. I believed the cruel words that were said to me, and I allowed them to terrorize me for half my life, but the reality is acne is absolutely NOTHING. It is not a deadly or fatal disorder, nor should we allow it to hold us back as much as it can. I want to help YOU understand this as you heal too! I love that there is more skin positivity and an understanding that having mental and physical challenges is actually a blessing in disguise as it can make us stronger, much more empathetic and understanding to others. Overcoming these challenges is empowering and gives us the tools to help others struggling which is what my goal in becoming an esthetician.

I, just like you, had tried everything under the sun to help my skin: birth control, retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, all the over-the-counter spot treatments, antibiotics, spirinolactone, I fell for the infomercial ads and bought everything and eventually did a few rounds of accutane.

I got minimal results with all of these things. Yes, even accutane didn’t help me. As time went on, I would struggle but not as severely as in my teen years. I would get cysts every month before my period and breakouts during time of stress or times when I wasn't eating great.

I became an esthetician when I was 24. My goal was to prevent ANYONE from going through what I had.

I worked in day spas, medical clinics etc. and found that acne products helped but only temporarily. Typically, after 4 months I would have to try a new product because the one I was on would stop working.

Then when I started my business, I found @facerealityskincare! I feel so blessed as Face Reality Skincare is the ONLY product line that has sustained my skin for 6 years now. I was able to do exactly what I wanted in becoming an esthetician and finally help others prevent and sustain clear skin. This is because it helps reduce inflammation internally, it balances hormones and stops acne at the root internally! We minimize inflammatory foods and drinks, add vital supplements and the proper products and treatments. The treatments and products are miraculous and have been able to keep my skin clear for years. This program is sustainable for a lifetime. We actually stop acne at the root cause.

During the years 2014-2017 I studied psychology, I learned so much about the development of our brain and how much it effects EVERYTHING. I was going through a transitional period in my life: leaving a toxic job, leaving a toxic relationship and moving homes. I decided to start therapy as well as reiki to stop these negative patterns in my life. Everything was so helpful, talking to a professional and addressing past trauma, learning to love myself, overcoming self-doubts, understanding my conditioning from how I grew up, letting go of unhealthy behaviors (addictions) and friendships that didn't align with my true heart, sleeping better, drinking water and exercising, acknowledging all of my emotions not just the happy ones, setting boundaries, holding myself and others accountable and forgiving.

I started noticing that I would only break out again when I had severe stress. Not just everyday stress, it was the deep subconscious stress when I didn’t feel good enough or knew in my gut something was off and I wasn’t aligned with my true self! Thats where reiki was helpful in releasing the subconscious stuff that was holding me back. It seems like a ton of work, and it is. It is hard to look yourself and the ones you love and understand certain behaviors and patterns, but I can promise you healing is powerful. It will shift the trajectory of your life. It can bring real peace, true self love that you can then give to others and your health and happiness back.

I now incorporate this knowledge into my treatment plans with you. We have much more understanding how stress and our mental wellness can cause physical ailments/disease. So it is extremely important to me that I relay the message to you. Journaling, exercising, meditation, forgiveness and letting anything go that doesn’t serve us is a huge part of healing our skin.

Working on skin has been truly rewarding. Acne has many layers that run deeper than skin. I hope you understand by reading this just how close to my heart my work is and why I devote myself to helping you stay clear and heal!

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